Mercedes Benz Repairs West London

ACS Autowerks are proud to offer first class Mercedes Benz servicing in London. We understand wholly that a Mercedes Benz is a fine example of engineering at its best so taking extra special care of your vehicle is always our policy.

As a professional and full service business, at the very end of the service we include a local area quality control test drive to assure both the customer and ourselves that our work has been carried out to the highest standard and that nothing has been missed.

Of course, we use the latest diagnostic equipment and highest grade tools to complete the servicing of all vehicles that come to us so the format of the Mercedes service usually runs as follows:

Initially placed in one of our state of the art service bays, your vehicle will be protected by covers to preserve the interior.

Ancillary checks on lights, windscreen wipers, air conditioning and heater are completed first, followed by removal of the four road wheels to check for wheel bearing wear and tyre irregularities.

An inspection of the suspension including ball joints, bushes and steering components is then undertaken.

Further, a brake check is performed and the underside and chassis inspected, looking particularly at brake lines and fuel lines.

Vitally important work to look for signs of leaks or damage to the engine, gearbox and exhaust system completes the major parts of the Mercedes Benz service.

The mains steps of the service successfully completed, we will end with general tasks such as correct setting of tyre pressure and a handbrake mounting check, adjustments then made as required. To complete these smaller manual tasks, wheels are fitted with anti-corrosion lubrication and torqued to the correct settings.