Bespoke Car Conversions

At ACS Autowerks we specialise in bespoke car conversions, we source only the very best parts from the leading companies in the industry to make our conversions truly unique. We will always work to the the strictest conditions making sure our conversions are perfect and suitable for daily driving giving us our hard earned reputation.
All conversions are taken very seriously and we will endeavour to make any dream come true for our customers.
Bespoke Car Conversion Case Study:
AMG E55 Kleemann Conversion:
  • Kleemann Crankshaft Pulley Upgrade
  • Kleemann Bespoke ECU Re-map
  • Enlarged Throttle Body
  • Carbon Fibre Air Filter Assembly
  • Exhaust Primary De-cat
  • AMG Inlet Manifolds Powder coated Black
  • Kleemann Suspension Module
  • ACS AUTOWERKS wheel Refurbishment
We happily took on the task of converting this AMG E55 to a full Kleemann conversion, The owner of this AMG wanted more power while keeping the AMG consistent reliability. Kleemann was chosen for their outstanding products and build quality.
The AMG E55 was in truly perfect condition, after we had tested all aspects of the vehicle our performance specialist was happy that work could begin on converting the AMG.
The first step was to strip down the very top parts of the engine including the supercharger and intake system.


The Exhaust was also fully removed and larger bore stainless steel ceramic coated manifolds were installed to increase exhaust gas flow, at the same time two of the unnecessary primary catalytic converters were removed and replaced with straight through pipe to further increase air flow.
The manifolds supplied by Kleemann were not a perfect fit and needed a sleeve to help them meet the exhaust pipe. This was fabricated and welded to the downpipe tubing to complete the system.

The Lambda probes were also relocated so they would still obtain the correct reading required from the remaining catalytic converters in the exhaust system.
The next upgrade was the over-sized Throttle body, Specifically matched to this application thus helping to improve throttle response and drive-ability making this a worthwhile addition to the conversion.

The ECU was also removed and sent to Kleemann for its bespoke Re-map, this would enable the engine ECU to be optimised to its new performance parts and work in harmony with the upgrades to create substantially more power.
With the drive belts and supercharger removed we had the opportunity to install the new Kleeman Crankshaft Pulley. This simple component allows the system to work more efficiently by increasing the work rate of the supercharger.
To add a more sinister look under the bonnet of this beast we had the inlet manifolds powder coated black.

To complete the under bonnet aesthetics we installed a carbon fibre air filter housing giving a much needed high tech look to the conversion.
To give the car a more aggressive stance to match its new power upgrades we hard wired Kleemann lowering module to the air suspension system. This enables us to infinitely set the ride height for the vehicle to achieve the perfect stance.

The owner had a set of AMG split rims on the car that we had agreed to fully refurbish in gloss black to match the vehicle. This was the finishing touch giving a very sleek but aggressive look to the vehicle.

As with many tuners this AMG is an ongoing project for ourselves and its owner.

Further Planned Upgrades To Complete:
  • Supercharger Intercooler
  • SLR cams
  • LSD Differential
  • Brake Disc Upgrade
  • Bespoke Exhaust System
  • 200 Cell Catalysts