Bodywork Conversions

At ACS AUTOWERKS we have many years experience in the vehicle conversion market. We have worked with many of the leading companies such as Carlsson and Kleemann.
Many of our customers have come to us before with the desire to make their vehicle stand out from the crowd but still be able to drive it every day with the same level of comfort and reliability.
Vehicle Conversions allow you to personalise you vehicle and set it apart from others on the road, The kits are always of a high quality matching the manufacturer and will look as though they have always been on the vehicle.
BMW 335i M sport bumper conversion
The 335i comes supplied with the standard 3 series front and rear bumpers, as an optional extra the car could be upgraded at the time of ordering to a M sport with many optional extras incurring extra costs and finance.
A popular aftermarket conversion is to change the standard front and rear bumpers and other neccessary parts for that of the M Sport.
As you can see there is a vast difference between the bumpers and many parts have to be changed along the way to complete the conversion properly. There are companies that will seel you a "kit" to complete this conversion but they leave out the many of the shields and air ducts that will not match up with the new bumper causing everything not to fit correctly.
The customer had previously sourced two used bumpers and we sourced the rest of the parts needed from BMW.
Mercedes CLK 320 Carlsson Conversion Case Study:
  • Carlsson Alloy Wheel Package
  • Carlsson Front Bumper Lip and Grill
  • Carlsson Rear Bumper Skirt and Grill
  • Carlsson Exhaust System
  • Carlsson Side Skirts
  • Carlsson Suspension Kit
 This Mercedes CLK 320 started life as a mundane convertible, attractive in its on right but as you can see it looked the same as any other Mercedes on the road. It lacked that eye catching charisma it deserved.

The First step was to strip down the vehicle of all the necessary parts for the conversion. Both bumpers, side skirts, wheels, suspension and exhaust all had to be removed to make way for the new Carlsson parts.
The front bumper was to be kept original but be fitted with a front lip extension and a different grill. The rear bumper was a complete change for the new Carlsson unit.  The Sideskirts were also replaced with Carlsson's own version adding to the look of the car. All the body panels were of course painted by us to match the vehicle prior to installation.
The Carlsson Conversion also came with a exhaust system that needed installing and aligning correctly to sit perfectly under the new bumper.

Measuring fitment of new exhaust

The Carlsson Conversion was supplied with Carlsson Springs and Bilstein Shocks to lower the vehicle and improve the ride quality.

The Finishing touch for the conversion was a set of Carlsson Badges for the body and a set of Carlsson alloy wheels which really set off the whole vehicle. As you can see this particular Mercedes left our workshop looking very different from when it came in !

Mercedes E320 AMG conversion
  • Rear AMG bumper
  • Front AMG bumper
  • AMG sideskirts
  • AMG Exhaust